Let's Be Real...

We always say we will. We intend to. We might even set a reminder in our phone about it. But how many of us consistently take time out for ourselves to relax and recharge? Even our best intentions to make self-care a priority can't help us if we're too overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, or frazzled at the end of the day to follow-through. 

But self-care isn't just a popular term or a "good idea" for those who have the time and resources to implement it. We all have basic needs that need to be attended to in order to achieve our highest potential and to be our best selves. As a society, we've become content to run on half-empty. However, the dismissal or downplaying of our own needs isn't helping anyone - least of all those we say we care for the most.

As introverts, we have certain built-in needs that can be difficult to nurture and care for on a consistent basis. However, ignoring our basic needs for quiet, solitude, reflection, and insight leads to serious introvert overwhelm and personal underperformance. 

After personally experiencing the negative side effects of overwhelm and burnout, we decided to do something about it. We created a monthly subscription box to help all introverts on their quest for quiet refreshment and simple rejuvenation. 

Once we created The Wallflower Box, it became incredibly easy to feel refreshed, relaxed, and recharged. Now, we have a monthly reminder to keep our commitment to ourselves to nurture and embrace our quiet strengths. 

Featuring 6-8 nourishing goodies each month, you'll have plenty of items to use all month long. Products are selected from the areas of bath and body, books/literature, cozy apparel, jewelry/accessories, delicious snacks, and special gifts selected with the introvert in mind. 

We care about the quality of the products we include in our box - that's why all bath, body, and beauty items are natural, organic, or vegan and are not tested on animals. 

The benefits of self-care are immeasurable and have far-reaching effects. Make a commitment to yourself and your loved ones to take time for YOU. It's easy, convenient, and totally worth it - because YOU are worth it.

Try it today and see for yourself the difference a little quality quiet time can make!

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