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Why We Created The Wallflower Box

On a societal level, we've been told quiet is wrong. In some sense, for much of our lives, we believed it to be true. Whether we explicitly said it, or just felt it in our hearts, we believed there was something wrong with being silent - with thinking before we spoke - with preferring to stay at home - with feeling angst and anxiety while trying to make small talk. We believed we needed to change and that our preferences wouldn't be accepted by others.

But this feeling of uncertainty and social awkwardness slowly dissipated as we learned that there was indeed nothing wrong with us - we were simply introverts. With this realization came a sense of confidence, empowerment, and acceptance that would soon blossom into a need to inspire, support, and encourage others who mistakenly believed that they didn't have a place in such a loud world.

We created The Wallflower Box with one mission in mind: to quietly, but boldly proclaim that who we are & how we like to spend our time is perfectly perfect. That we don't need to become someone we're not. That characteristics like quiet, insightful, observant, reflective, curious, and thoughtful are just as powerful as those like loud, talkative, energetic, and boisterous.

We are introverts. We are quiet. But we are fierce.  


To create a place where all introverts, HSPs (highly sensitive person), empaths, and other sensitive souls (“Wallflowers”) feel understood, nurtured and inspired to live a positive and healthy life!

Who We Are

We're a team of introverts inspired to live quietly fierce lives & to help you do the same :) 


Stacey, Empath/Introvert


Chelsey, INFJ/Professional Counselor

The Cuddle Team

We care about quality

We curate high-quality & wellness-based products in every box!

All bath, body, and beauty items are natural or organic and cruelty-free. 

Featuring 7-9 nourishing goodies each month, you'll have plenty of items to use all month long!

Each box includes an introvert-inspired book or luxe journal, along with handpicked self-care items for a thoughtful, relaxing lifestyle.

Products are specially chosen from the areas of bath and body, books, cozy apparel, jewelry/accessories, delicious snacks, and special gifts selected with the introvert in mind!

Take back your quiet time with a monthly box of goodies just for you :)






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