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Why We Created The Wallflower Box

As introverts, we have certain built-in needs that can be difficult to nurture and care for on a consistent basis. However, ignoring our basic needs for quiet, solitude, reflection, and insight leads to serious introvert overwhelm and personal underperformance. 

After personally experiencing the negative side effects of overwhelm and burnout, we decided to do something about it. We created a monthly subscription box to help all introverts on their quest for quiet refreshment and simple rejuvenation. 

Once we created The Wallflower Box, it became incredibly easy to feel refreshed, relaxed, and recharged. Now, we have a monthly reminder to keep our commitment to ourselves to nurture and embrace our quiet strengths. 

We are proud to be wallflowers and we value our introverted nature. That's why we describe introverts as Silently Strong, Quietly Confident, and Secretly Bold. By providing introverts with their own unique subscription box and by advocating for the value of wallflowers, we hope to empower introverts to embrace their quiet qualities and to feel confident just as they are. Join us on our quest to help all #wallflowersbloom.


To create a place where all introverts, HSPs (highly sensitive person), empaths, and other sensitive souls (“Wallflowers”) feel understood, nurtured and inspired to live a positive and healthy life!

Who We Are

Here at The Wallflower Box, we've established a team of introverts to create a unique care package for wallflowers. Co-founders Stacey, a HSP/Introvert and Chelsey, an Introvert/Professional Counselor, know what it's like to need uninterrupted moments of silence to recharge. With this in mind, we decided to create a monthly self-care package that we, as female introverts, would love to receive. 


Stacey, a HSP/Introvert


Chelsey, an Introvert/Professional Counselor

The Cuddle Team

We care about quality

Featuring 6-8 nourishing goodies each month, you'll have plenty of items to use all month long. Products are selected from the areas of bath and body, books/literature, cozy apparel, jewelry/accessories, delicious snacks, and special gifts selected with the introvert in mind. 

We care about the quality of the products we include in our box - that's why all bath, body, and beauty items are natural, organic, or vegan and are not tested on animals. 

The benefits of self-care are immeasurable and have far-reaching effects. Make a commitment to yourself and your loved ones to take time for YOU. It's easy, convenient, and totally worth it - because YOU are worth it.




Begin your journey to quiet refreshment! Or gift a Wallflower Box to a friend. Select a monthly plan or 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month packages.


Handpicked by a professional counselor and fellow introvert with a healthy, relaxing lifestyle in mind. Rejuvenating, thoughtful activities, as well as, organic, vegan, or natural bath, body, and beauty items.


Recharge in solitude and enjoy thoughtful, soothing products! It's the easiest way for wallflowers to feel energized and renewed!

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